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Abandoned Buildings of Arizona

Arizona has plenty of natural beauty. Visitors and locals alike have no shortage of things to do, whether it be exploring the nightlife in Scottsdale or hiking any of the incredible mountains around the state. For those looking to go off the beaten path, however, the abandoned sites of Arizona offer unique experiences.

Take the Jerome Post Office, for example. Once a desolate ghost town, Jerome, Arizona, has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years as the population has grown back into the triple digits. There is a healthy tourist trade from people coming to see historical sites that have been preserved within the town. But on the outskirts of town, away from the thriving community and the artistic displays of Jerome, the old town post office sits slowly crumbling into oblivion.

Those daring enough to walk around it will find a two-story building that is on the verge of collapse. Glass and debris are scattered everywhere, lockers are busted open and there’s even a staircase that looks like it could give way at any moment. While trespassing is certainly not recommended due to the condition of the building, it is cool to see a symbol of the past still standing as Jerome changes around it.

Another abandoned oddity is the site known as the Domes at Casa Grande. Built in the early 1980’s as the future site of a computer hardware business, the project was abandoned, leaving large domes sitting vacant in the middle of the desert. It didn’t take long for these structures to become a haven for the countercultural, including graffiti artists who wanted to display their work. The site was even featured on the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures” for its creepy, otherworldly atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the current owner of the land the domes sit on has been ordered to tear the structures down due to safety concerns. Although an official date hasn’t been set, those wishing to check out this abandoned landmark of Pinal County should do so soon. While trespassing is prohibited, there is an excellent view of the area from the road.

Arizona is full of views that are unique to the state. Abandoned buildings are fun to explore, but the incredible availability of things to do is astounding. For those looking to get out in the desert, there are options ranging from horseback to ATV driving, kayaking to plain old hiking. Whatever you are wanting to do in Arizona, there is an opportunity for you to make it happen.

Old Jerome post office

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