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Bearizona: A Wild Encounter

Drive thru Bear Wildlife Park
Bearizona Wildlife Park

Nestled amid the landscape on approximately 160 acres in Williams, AZ, Bearizona Wildlife Park ( stands with diverse wildlife that calls this region home. A fusion of drive-through wildlife park and a traditional zoo, Bearizona offers visitors a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of North American Animals in their natural habitat.

Forget all the walking and take drive in your own vehicle over three miles of Ponderosa Pine Forest viewing the beauties of these North American animals. Some of these majestic animals include black bears, jaguars, wolves and more, roaming freely in spacious enclosures. The drive-through experience allows visitors to encounter these animals while respecting their need for space and freedom.

Beyond the drive- through adventure, Bearizona has a separate walk-through area called Fort Bearizona. This section of the park features walking paths through exhibits, showcasing smaller animals and interactive encounters with friendly critters making their way through the crowd.

Complete your visit to Bearizona by checking out the thrilling Birds of Prey show! This captivating presentation showcases the incredible skills and natural behaviors of various birds such as eagles, owls, and hawks.

If you have a deepened appreciation for the natural world this experience is for you! For more natural wonder experiences, be sure to check out the beauties of the Sonoran desert by heading south and taking a ATV tour on the Tonto National Forest.

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