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Desert Monsters Committed to Supporting Natural Restorations

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

At Desert Monsters Tours, we are committed to ensuring the land we drive on remains as wild and breathtaking as it is today for decades to come. Because of this, in April of this year, we began donating a portion of the proceeds from every tour to Natural Restorations.

The organization helps to remove trash and graffiti from our outdoor recreation and wilderness areas, all while providing enriching, engaging work for the military veterans in our community. Since Natural Restorations launched their “Dedicated Restoration Team” in February of 2017, the group has been responsible for cleaning up 237 tons of trash and removing over 3000 square feet of graffiti from Arizona’s wilderness.

For their efforts, Natural Restorations has been recognized by the US Forest Service. It should also be noted that their efforts go beyond simple conservation. Education is a top priority and Natural Restorations works hard to get students out of their classrooms so they can be a part of community improvement projects where the results of their efforts are immediately apparent. The hope is that through their efforts now, Natural Restorations can instill a love for the wilderness in younger generations.

It is an honor for Desert Monsters Tours to be able to support an organization with not only an impressive mission, but also the willpower and energy to accomplish their goals. A percentage of every tour goes directly to helping improve the wilderness of Arizona so that our home remains as beautiful tomorrow as it is today.

To learn more about Natural Restorations, visit them at There you can see photos from past conservation projects, learn about their commitment to supporting the community of veterans in Arizona, and even find future projects you can help on. And when you come on one of our tours, be sure to ask us why the work Natural Restorations does is so important!

Group dedicated to cleaning our Arizona wilderness
Natural Restorations

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