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Havasu Falls Offer Breathtaking Views to Visitors

Waterfalls in Arizona
Havasu Falls

The Havasupai Indian Reservation in Northwest Arizona is home to one of the most beautiful natural sites in the nation, if not the world. With clear, brilliant blue water cascading over reddish-orange cliffs, the Havasu Falls are as impressive as they are beautiful. For first time visitors or long time residents of Arizona, a trip to the falls is an unforgettable experience. Getting there, however, is no easy feat.

Purchasing the Proper Permit

To begin with, visitors to Havasu Falls need to purchase a permit from the Havasupai tribe as only limited numbers of visitors are allowed onto the reservation each day. The permits become available on February 1st of each year, but as the popularity of the Falls grows, it’s becoming harder and harder to snag a permit, so don’t wait.

To get to the falls, visitors will have to hike (or travel by mule) along a trail to the Supai village, about an eight mile hike. There, visitors can restock if needed before heading the final two miles to the Havasupai campground. Most begin their hike early in the day, to avoid extreme temperatures in the middle of the day, and bringing plenty of water with you is an absolute necessity.

A Sight Worth Every Step of the Journey

Luckily, once you’ve reached the campground, the hard part is behind you. The attitude in the camp is very friendly, with many hikers swapping stories or sharing supplies. The waterfall is close to the campground, an easy half-mile walk, so whenever you are ready, head down and see the 100ft tall Havasu Falls for yourself!

For anyone looking for things to do in Arizona, the Havasu Falls should be high on the list. If you don’t get a permit on the first try, however, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of family-friendly activities, no matter what part of the state you are in. Whether you are into nightlife, hiking, driving ATVs, or simply enjoying the incredible sights that the deserts have to offer, Arizona has something for you.

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