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Indulge in AZ Chimney Cakes

Get ready for a unique and delicious treat to satisfy your sweet tooth at AZ Chimney Cakes!

Located in Mesa, Arizona this family and veteran owned shop brings you this popular Bavarian style dessert.

The journey to AZ Chimney Cakes begins with a distinctive dessert called chimney cake, also known as kurtoskalacs originated from Hungary. A cylindrical pastry made from sweet, yeasted dough, chimney cakes are baked on a spit, which gives them their characteristic hallow, cylindrical shape. The dough is coated with various mouthwatering flavors before being baked to a golden perfection. This creates a crisp, caramelized exterior that encases a fluffy and tender interior. From classis cinnamon and sugar to extravagant chocolate drizzles, fresh fruit toppings and even more savory options, the bakery offers an array of choices. My favorite was the Nutella-stuffed chimney cake with banana, whip cream and Nutella drizzle! A must try if visiting this sweet tooth haven.

Before indulging in your favorite chimney cake, work up an appetite on a desert UTV tour for an outdoor exploration and unique desert experience.

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