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Slide Rock State Park: Sedona’s Natural Playground

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Jumping in the water at Slide Rock State Park, Sedona Arizona
Slid Rock State Park A Natural Playground

Welcome to Sedona, Arizona! If you have done much research on Sedona, it’s likely you’ve come across one of its most popular attraction sites. Located in Oak Creek Canyon and nestled amidst the spectacular red rock formation, you will find Slide Rock State Park.

In 1910 the land was acquired under the Homestead Act by the first developer, Frank L. Pendley. Pendley developed an irrigation system (which is still in use to today) and planted an apple orchard in 1912. The apple farm is one of the few homesteads still preserved in Oak Creek Canyon today. In 1914 the state completed a road through the canyon and in 1933 Pendley built rustic tourist cabins that in part survive today.

Though there are many things to check out at the state park I highly recommend cooling off in the natural pools and slip and slide down the smooth creek bed. There is about a .5 mile stretch of creek for swimming and a natural water slide about 80 feet long and 2.5-4 feet wide. Could you have guessed that the park gets its name from this main attraction, Slid Rock? The rocks remain slippery from algae making it a smooth slide right down the creek! This is an excellent place for families to explore and relax. If you’re visiting this site with young kids, there’s a natural beach area formed alongside the Oak Creek where parents can relax and watch the kids play in the water for hours! Be sure to pack a lunch and take advantage of the picnic areas nearby or check out the small market with snacks that is open all year round. While you’re at it, grab a souvenir!

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to capture some even more incredible scenery, choose one of the trail heads at the park and take a hike! Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or nature lover, there’s a trail for everyone. Wind through the woods along the canyon and spot some native wildlife!

For another highly sought after travel spot, head south a couple of hours to Scottsdale, Arizona and take a tour of the Sonoran Desert on a thrilling UTV off-road adventure with Desert Monsters Tours!

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