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Some Fast Facts about the Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals game day
Arizona Cardinals

A visit to Phoenix in the fall means there are plenty of activities vying for your attention. The nightlife is incredible, there are concerts at some top-tier music venues, and of course, the natural beauty of Arizona is waiting to be explored. But if you feel the need to do more than just watch football on tv on Sunday, getting a seat at State Farm Stadium for an Arizona Cardinals game can be a great way to feel the energy of one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities.

While they may not be a powerhouse team, the Cardinals have quite a bit of history. Their tenure in Arizona is relatively recent, but the team itself is actually the oldest professional football team in the country. Founded in 1898 in Chicago, the team was moved to St. Louis in 1960 and then Phoenix in 1988. Over the last thirty years, they have made the city their home and given it something to rally around.

With such a long history, it’s unfortunate that there aren’t more championships to accompany their longevity. They won the NFL championship in 1947 but that was before the era of the Super Bowl. Since the first Super Bowl in 1967, the Cardinals have not won, although they came close in 2008, losing to the Steelers in one of the better championships games in recent memory.

Regardless of their championship titles, games at State Farm Stadium are always entertaining. It is a state-of-the-art venue and the owners work hard to constantly improve the fan experience. Whether you are a lifelong Cardinals fan or just visiting the area, catching a game is a great way to spend your Sunday.

Of course, if you’d rather get out and explore the desert, no one will blame you. There are some beautiful hikes near Phoenix and Scottsdale, and tours like driving an ATV out in the desert can add some adventure to your visit. No matter what your interests are, Phoenix has something for you and your family!

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