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The Dolly Steamboat Experience

Welcome aboard the 2 deck Dolly Steamboat! Get ready to enjoy a relaxing scenic cruise in southern Arizona’s gorgeous Canyon Lake. Family owned and operated since 1987, the Dolly resembles the historic paddle-wheelers of the past and was launched to provide visitors the opportunity to explore the waterways and steep canyons of this 950-acre lake. Just as beautiful as the 6-mile cruise on water is the scenic drive on the way to the Dolly Steamboat. This drive is nothing short of long, but I guarantee you will enjoy the drive itself! Plan for a 16-mile travel through the Superstition Mountains that will leave you with never-ending spectacular views of mountains and cacti.

When you arrive and board the Dolly Steamboat be prepared for a warm greeting from your captain who will be ready to share the history of the lake all throughout the hour and a half tour. If you’re a wildlife lover keep your eyes peeled for some sight of bighorn sheep or bald eagles perched up on a nearby cliff! Javelina have also been known to make an appearance as well! Nonetheless this is sure to be a memorable wildlife-watching experience.

Inside the Dolly there is optional seating if you do not want to sit on the deck. There are also snacks and drinks inside as well if you feel like having a bite to eat while you enjoy the cruise! If being out on the open deck is your spot of choice or you are looking for different viewpoints, be sure to take the stairs up to the second deck for an even better glimpse of the surrounding waters. Whether you prefer being inside or outside the captain will be there over the speaker to entertain and guide you the entire way with some cool facts!

Amongst this ever so popular lake tour is another outdoor tour done on 4-wheels right through the Sonoran Desert trails. Head out and experience Arizona on a UTV tour!

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