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Tortilla Flat: Arizona’s hidden gem

If you’re looking for a fun day trip look no further than Tortilla Flat, Arizona. Located northeast of Apache Junction nestled in the Superstition Mountains, you will come upon the oldest operating stagecoach town in Arizona. Tortilla Flat stands as a testament the beauty of Ariona’s rugged terrain.

One of the main attractions is the Tortilla Flat Saloon. You are going to want to be hungry for this one. The saloon offers a nostalgic atmosphere of the old west with real saddles that serve as barstools. The service here is fantastic and the food is too! Burgers, nachos, chili, and sandwiches are a few of the options that you will find here in this western town.

Head over to the Museum for some historical stories of the Superstition Mountains and Lost Dutchman Gold. There Is a lot more to learn about the Native Americans, Salt River, and the dams. Next, visit the country store for sweet snacks such as homemade fudge and delicious Gelato!

Before taking off back home make sure to take advantage of all the unique décor that serves as a photo backdrop. This place is truly unique and mesmerizing. Don’t forget a quirky gift or handmade souvenir from the Mercantile gift shop before you go! These gifts are one of a kind and handmade by local artisans.

Enjoy your ride home and for some other fun ride ideas be sure to look into an Arizona off-road UTV thrill for more day trip fun!

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